I’m Bored!

Let’s put a pin in this one.  As parents to be we all say, “I’m going to do that!”  To me, this definitely qualifies.

I’m a fan of Inc.com (are you?) and just read, I Started Letting My Children Get Bored. Then, Something Amazing Happened”, by Justin Bariso. Justin and his wife, like many parents, would hand over their phone when their children became bored to occupy them in situations when there was much else they could do.  Thinks –restaurant, doctor’s office.  It didn’t feel right, but they did it.  Then Justin read an article that said he should let them get bored, it was good for them.  What this forces is the child to come up with something to solve that boredom.

I know –that’s what I thought, scary!

However, the kids beganto come up with ways to entertain themselves that were positive, interactive and fun.  

Have a read and let me know what you think!

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