In world affairs…things get stranger by the minute.  As Canadians we’re fortunate to have a stable country that does support its people.  Could we do more for one another?  Absolutely.  For now, let’s focus on what the GOC makes available to new & expecting parents.

The GOC website is expansive, but has recently undergone a revamp that makes it much easier to navigate.  We’re Having a Baby, so that’s the information we’re most interested in today.

The Having a Baby page is really a launching point to a great deal of content – some of it informational and some it absolutely necessary.  For example, you’ll find the Public Health Agency of Canada’s Sensible Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy, a week-by-week pregnancy calendar and the Canada Prenatal Nutrition Program.  Each helpful in maintaining a healthy pregnancy. 

A topic of hot debate is immunization and you’ll find a feature aptly called, A Parent’s Guide to Immunization, which I’d recommend to everyone.  You’ll also find Employment Insurance (EI) details concerning maternity and parental benefits.  Again, another great benefit for all Canadians.

Registering your baby’s birth is discussed with a link to an overview and application for a Social Insurance Number (SIN) to get the process started. points out that a SIN enables you to start saving for your child’s education through program’s such as the Canada Learning Bond, Registered Education Savings Plan, or the Canada Education Savings Grant.  There’s an opportunity to qualify for up to $7,200 for your child.

Let’s face it – the middle class that many of us grow up in is shrinking.  If there’s a benefit available to us as soon-to-be parents, let’s take advantage of it and give our children a head start.

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